Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kylie's Style

Promise this has nothing to do with her lips.

I am the fashion DIVA of all my friends, to be honest sometimes I wish that I could tell my friends what I honestly think of what they are wearing, but as a 'Fashionista', I respect other people's trends.

I do feel like I do not have the same taste as others round me, at all. Why in my generation and the people I hang out with, must the coolest trend to wear be Tomy Takkies.

This is why I LOVE Kylie Jenner's style. Myself and Kylie are at the same age, and yet she understands me the most! I used this picture as I feel in one picture, it shows me. Ripped jeans, long jacket, curls, and the best of all, heels!

Why cannot our generation wear heels? I mean, they do so much for your legs! Well for me this is going to be my life's work, to get my friends and generation to not just wear Tomy Takkies on a date, but instead of a 'peep-toe' wedge.

To get this beautiful look here are the places:
Blue Jacket - Cotton On.
High-wasted jeans with rip - Mr Price, If they do not have one with a rip, rip it yourself #DIY
Heels - Mr Price / LEGIT
Crop Top - Jayjays / Mr Price / Cotton On
Glasses - Cotton On.

I have chosen these shops not just because this is where you can get the items but also I feel this is the shops us Teens can afford.
Comments are more than welcome, begin your Passion for Fashion here!